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How's My Driving?

Welcome to express opinions. Mundane offers thanks in advance. Requests criticism remain constructive.

Screened and anon.
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Player Info
Name: Kayla
OOC Journal: [personal profile] crimsonseastorm
Over 18? Yup, 23
Email/IM/Plurk: AIM: kihle2011 or plurk: crimsonseastorm
Current characters: N/A

Character Info
Name: Mordin Solus

Canon: Mass Effect

Age:Never directly stated, estimated at 33

Canon/AU/CR AU: Canon

Reference: Mass Effect wiki link and this is just a little extra: the files the Shadow Broker has on him.

History: N/A

Canon Point:
Pre-Mass Effect 3, when he's using the relay to head back to Sur'kesh after the assault on the Collector base.

World Information )

Personality )

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations )

Inventory/Appearance )Samples )
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Backtagging: Always okay! I will backtag forever :D
Threadjacking: Have at it. I don't mind. If you're worried about interrupting something feel free to hit me up.
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Preferred Method(s) of Contact: AIM: kihle2011 Plurk: crimsonseastorm PM: [ profile] salarian_savant or [ profile] crimsonseastorm. I'm likely to answer faster if you hit me up on Aim or Plurk :3
Prose/Action Spam/Depends/IDEK: I don't mind either way! Whatever works best.
Fourthwalling: Minor things are fine. However, it's possible whatever your character says didn't actually happen to him considering the malleability of the ME timeline. If you have questions about it or the outcome of something, hit me up.
Killing/Injury: Minor injuries are fine! Anything else, just ask :3 It'll be case by case.
Comfort Levels: I haven't stumbled across anything! So I'm pretty much chill with anything.
Personal HMD: HMD


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